We have qualified electricians who are Clean Energy Council approved designers and installers.

We offer advice on the suitability of Solar Power for your needs based on aspects of your property including vegetation and also roof structure and orientation. 

We also base this advice on past and present power usage as verified by accounts from your electricity retailer.

We follow each project closely and complete and submit for you all paperwork which due to regulations has to be completed accurately and submitted to both your electricity retailer and electricity distributor. 

We can also guide you with selecting your retailer and gaining information regarding changes and costs involved in upgrading your electricity meter.

How we can help you simplify the installation of your new solar power system.

We offer the following:

Includes all compliance paperwork and assistance to lodge these with electrical retailer and distributor.

Assistance with information regarding meter compatibility after connection.

Note: A charge of $80 to $700 may be charged by your distributor to inspect, configure and/or alter your meter. The higher fee will be charged if your meter needs to be replaced. Initially contact your distributor e.g. Powercor to check your meters compatability with Solar power generation. Also contact your retailer (the company that sends you your bill) e.g. Origin, Red Energy etc. to find out how your billing will change. These charges are in addition to the cost of installation of the system and will be charged by your retailer.

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